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 Mondays 10pm EST    Return to the House of FraisWe are stocked to welcome back Jean Frais, one of the most underrated underground producers aroundTwo hours of funk, soul, outrun, gfunk and soulection. Plus a first play of Jean Frais’ upcoming realise “Can’t Say Goodbye”                   […]

 Mondays 10pm EST    Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you really are. Immerse yourself in audial space travel as we venture deep into the cosmos. A ambient blend of 90s and 00s liquid followed by a showcase of works by Astropionner Astronaut Ape Artist of the week: […]

 Mondays 10pm EST    あなたはあなたの人生のアーティストです。絵筆を他人に渡さないでください。」(You are the artist of your life. Don’t give the paintbrush to anyone else.”) Return of the vapor double feature, with a truly shit hot blend of mellifluousness Keeping things funky and fresh with rising mixologist Crystalforce. if you’ve heard that name before, you know what’s up Hour 2 diving […]

New show Time Mondays 10pm EST    Space Jams 14.5 Pete Ellison From Disco.. To the UndergroundIt is Feel Good Friday as we embrace the return of Spring, with the return of the Big Disco.Master chef Pete Ellison – DJ / Producer cooks up a groovy guestmix in Hour 2, with a selection of […]

New show Time Mondays 10pm EST    It was about 6.15 in the morning, I’m Drunk and I’m high for the Sunrise! Kicking things chilled this weekend with a jazzy selection of the sounds of the underground. A focus on ambient techno label, PalmStructure Plus a vinyl guestmix from Belgium’s coolest – HATT.D. It’s […]

New show Time Mondays 10pm EST    These are the Good times! VIP Passes on to the Guestlist, a crossover event through the ages Space Jams Versus Fear of Tigers! Absolutely stocked to have long standing rave guru and iconic producer, Fear of Tigers. Expect some of the best selections from The Guestlist; from […]

New show Time Mondays 10pm EST    These are the Good times! This week it is soulful, it is selective, it is supreme and seriously good! Sounds of the 90s with some underground hits in the world of modern G-Funk, Neosoul, Beats, Lofi Hip Hop, Outrun and Chillhop. With a selection of new releases […]

Thursdays 10pm EST   Drive Faster Then Your Guardian Angel Can Fly Back into the Synthwave Stratosphere with a guided tour of underground gems and neon drenched ballads To kick off 2023 we finally give you the long awaited collaboration with our all time favourite dream wave artist MORGAN WILLIS! Check out his highly […]

Thursdays 10pm EST   2023 lets be having you! We see out season 13 with a disco legend and master mixer Yves Saïd Le Page, with an exclusive earlier premiere of Soulful House Volume 144. Expect masterful transitions and curated harmony. Plus a fully loaded hour of absolute disco stompers! Whether you are still […]

Thursdays 10pm EST   he journey of a thousand miles begins with one step An extended journey into the ethos of progressive house, trance and techno A exploration of releases from hot underground labels that you need to be listening to: Landscapes Music, Songspire Records, Droid9, Area Verde, Otographic Music A deep dive into […]

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