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 Mondays 10pm EST    Space Jams 15.6 ED: Remlarr   Funky fresh future As we draw close to the highly anticipated Flamingo Fest in LA, we felt it was highly appropriate to double down on the FF with the return of two absolute powerhouse Pumping house grooves from ED. in hour 1 followed by […]

 Mondays 10pm EST    Space Jams 15.5 Henna Onna A jazzy soulection this week featuring a truly underrated artist that we’ve been following for a while and we are honoured to have her groove our airwaves Henna Onna is a Yerevan-based artist, who was surrounded with music since childhood. The diversity of music had […]

 Mondays 10pm EST    Space Jams 15.3 Pleasure Voyage   Keep calm and go to Budapest.. Oh and follow the call to the disco ballA summer splendour of Italo house, deep house, funky house and balearic house, with a power hour of some of our favourite discoveries of 2023Plus a sun kissed voyage of […]

 Mondays 10pm EST    Space Jams 15.2 Cassetter Join us in the darkness for our final darksynth show An extra long menacing selection of darksynth, trap, techno and midtempo, with some of our favourite artists from the last 4 years and a final check on new releases from Steel City Collective Plus the electrifying […]

 Mondays 10pm EST    Space Jams 15.1 Trucks Passing Trucks 全新一季的太空大灌篮 A brand spanking new season of Space Jams 丛林迷和电子烟迷们有福了! For the junglists and the vapurists rejoice! 太平洋广场唱片公司的展示与头领卡车经过卡车 A showcase of Pacific Plaza Records with head honcho Trucks Passing Trucks 所有系统均正常运行,祝您入住愉快 All systems are go, please enjoy your stay Music from: ThinkFishTank, Donor Lens, […]

 Mondays 10pm EST    Space Jams 14.10 Acidule   C’est le grand final de la saison 14 et quoi de mieux pour finir avec une touche française spéciale !Un mélange étendu de sélections nudisco, french house et synthwave. Avec un showcase de So French RecordsCollectionneur de vinyle passionné et producteur de musique estimé, Acidulé […]

 Mondays 10pm EST    Return to the House of FraisWe are stocked to welcome back Jean Frais, one of the most underrated underground producers aroundTwo hours of funk, soul, outrun, gfunk and soulection. Plus a first play of Jean Frais’ upcoming realise “Can’t Say Goodbye”                   […]

 Mondays 10pm EST    Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you really are. Immerse yourself in audial space travel as we venture deep into the cosmos. A ambient blend of 90s and 00s liquid followed by a showcase of works by Astropionner Astronaut Ape Artist of the week: […]

 Mondays 10pm EST    あなたはあなたの人生のアーティストです。絵筆を他人に渡さないでください。」(You are the artist of your life. Don’t give the paintbrush to anyone else.”) Return of the vapor double feature, with a truly shit hot blend of mellifluousness Keeping things funky and fresh with rising mixologist Crystalforce. if you’ve heard that name before, you know what’s up Hour 2 diving […]

New show Time Mondays 10pm EST    Space Jams 14.5 Pete Ellison From Disco.. To the UndergroundIt is Feel Good Friday as we embrace the return of Spring, with the return of the Big Disco.Master chef Pete Ellison – DJ / Producer cooks up a groovy guestmix in Hour 2, with a selection of […]

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