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Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST Earphones in, Volume Up, IGNORE THE WORLD! Sounds of the summer with our third double feature, two pipping hot underground producers that are very much up and coming, they are on our radar, so get them on yours! Dj Delivery a secretive but seriously smoother beats connoisseur, DJ Delivery of Yellow […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST FREAK OUT… Le Freq, C’est Pete!He probably hears that a lot, but what we don’t hear a lot, is 75 minutes of the smoothest reimagined disco edits, from Jamiroquai to Steve Wonder, all refreqed and refreshed by the kitchen dancing maestro Pete Le Freq.Also featuring music from Oldchap, Dr Packer, Da […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST “A good composer does not imitate, they steal!” We return to the sampling wonders of the plunderphonics world, featuring a blossoming sound garden of dreamscapes and samples that bring you back to the simpler times. There may or may not be 4 Sonic The Hedgehog sampled tracks (We can have our […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST Time to once again follow the call of that disco ballSeason 9 begins now! And what better way to open it then with the class act and worldwide dj extradinare MANNIX. Some funky house classics with a selection of a few of our absolute favesFeaturing music from: Ladies On Mars, Hotmood, […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST “It’s not the size of the hard drive that counts, it’s how you download it”Discotheque finale with a bundle of feel jazz house thrown in for good measure, with a guestmix from breakout duo #HardDriveLibraryFeaturing tunes from: Tilman, HurleeBobby AnalogOreason, DJ Delivery, Q Narongwate, Lesny Deep, Immersif, Artmann, Sonic Juncture, HOT […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST #DarkSynth The system is experiencing a glitch of evil portions.. Please have faith while we reboot onlineA monster sized Monster Mash of darksynth horrors, blood pulsing midtempo and pumping industrial grooves. With an extended guestmix from one of the finest in the business Faith in the GlitchFeaturing music from LAZERPUNK, Baldocaster, […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST #Disco The big disco is back once again and we’ve been looking forward to this one@shssuk produces some of the freshest disco bootlegs in town and the only thing smoother are bud guestmixes… you don’t wanna miss this one

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST #LO-FI #Electronic Space Jams doing deep down under with a guestmix Zerotonine from Laser Highway. Featuring a selection of the latest and greatest synth-hits, plus some of our favourite underground gems

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST #LO-FI #Electronic Space Jams Double Features are back! You probably didn’t know they were a thing until now! And neither did we! But we’re doing it again!Vapor and future funk takeover neatly packed with a grand tour of some of #LuckyTalisman unreleased edits in hour 1, plus a super-tight funky garage […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST #LO-FI #Electronic beats to break out of quarantine to.. Space Jams featuring the return of Suray Sertin! Featuring music from: Lorkestra, TIBASKO, BSN Posse, GEOTHEORY., Moses Belanger, tomkip, Alexander Lewis, Disclosure, 1-800 GIRLS, Jessy Lanza

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