Month: January 2016

“Cut loose like a deuce” turned into one of the most misunderstood lyrics in rock history. A while back I asked would lyrics stuck with you? Bombshell Wednesday podcasts will be loosely built around this concept. This isn’t a full-blown theme night just more of a fun mix with a few listen requests thrown in […]

It’s early Monday morning somehow we managed to escape some of the storms the Pummelled New York and Philadelphia. Still our radio feeds and websites  had interruptions. So some of the shows that normally air on Bombshell Radio could not be heard. This week will rerun some of the shows. We’ve got a great show […]

Since Bombshell Radio’s inception a few months ago we’ve grown quite a bit. Thanks to the quality of the shows, presenters, dedicated listeners and incredible artist and label submissions. On Tonight’s Show we feature our weekly top 10, a few favourites, some new tracks from the Addictions Inbox and a few songs that I think […]

Addictions and Other Vices Podcast 227 – Days Like These!!! Love Your Indie All songs tonight are eligible for our weekly Top 10 countdown. The Countdown is comprised of the various shows aired on Bombshell Radio. Everyday we feature new and up and coming artists on Addictions and Other Vices, The Unsigned Project and Fly […]

On Tonights Show we present a new feature the top 10 countdown of Bombshell Radio, these of the tracks that I’ve received the best responses this week on the Bombshell Radio feeds. Every week I’ll nowbe monitoring our different social connections and compiling a weekly countdown plus a few favourites and a few surprises this is Addictions and Other […]

This week on the , we take a trip with the “Starman” David Bowie on his final odessy Lazarus, we check out a whole bunch of new music coming up over the next couple of months and have a chat with an indie artist, Ruelle that has just scored the theme song to the new […]

David Bowie is one of my biggest influences both as a vocalist and a visionary. His artistry is unparalleled. An inventor with such unique gifts that found a way with every album to find a new voice and direction. If you listened to this show you know Bowie often graced the playlist. As musicians we […]

#electro swing / nu jazz / lounge / neo bossa#electro-swing#nu jazz#swing#electroswing A LICENCE TO LINDY HOP is 67non-stop minutes of blissful Electro Swing which is 1920s to 1950s Jazz,Big Band & Swing inspired dance music remixed for the dancefloors of the 21st century. Its feelgood vibe is giving recognition to a music which most younger […]

So good to be back and now our new web address I trust everyone had a great holiday. A special shout out to all artists and listeners who left me such uplifting messages very appreciated. 2015 was the year of many ups and downs both around the world and in my personal/radio life. We struggled […]

Keep The Faith Flowing SPINS,FLIPS & KARATE KICKS is the 2nd mix in the Jazzamatazz KEEP THE FAITH FLOWING series consisting of non-stop classic Northern Soul. 26 tracks by 26 artists,over an hour of the best sounds from the Northern Soul scene which filled dancehalls in northern England & Scotland in the 1970s with cool […]

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