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Ola’s Kool Kitchen later today Wednesday 9pm BST Show 490 Petite Noir- Blurry (feat. Sampa The Great)-MotherFather-Roya Andy Shauf-Wasted on You-Norm-Anti- Quality Cinema Band-Consumer-single-self release Mia Loucks-Girls-single-Related Records Vireo-Big Elsewhere-single-self release Colossus-Sharp as a Knife-The Gods Hate Colossus-self release Gee Tee-Atomic-Atomic-Goodbye Boozy Records Special Interest-LA Blues-Endure-Rough Trade Miss Grit-Lain (Phone Clone)-Follow the Cyborg-Mute Avey Tare-The […]

SATURDAY’S 8PM EST   CRED #137   OPENING JINGLE 22   NARRATION:   M1)    Grinda – Just The Way You Were      5:15   M2) Brian Eno      – Cutting Room I   2:19   Short jingle   M3) Future Islands         – Deep In The Night  3:27   M4)    Chris Ianuzzi        – Distant Suns  5:17   […]

Ola’s Kool Kitchen later today Wednesday 9pm BST Show 489 Panda Bear/Sonic Boom-Go On-Reset-Domino Tennis-Pillow for a Cloud-Pollen-Mutually Detrimental Samana-The Beach-All One Breath- Music For Heroes Sparklehorse-Chaos of the Universe-Bird Machine-Anti Jordan Funk-The Great God (Pan is not Dead) Spirit House Records Mikki Wood-The Fly on the Highway-single-self release Robyn Hitchcock-The Shuffle Man-Shufflemania-Tiny Ghost Records […]

Mike Rogers Show : Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST / Sundays 11am-1pm JST MRS #227Rock a Cherry Greetings Exercise 2:20The Dazes Big Break Up 3:20Rock a Cherry Murder Notice 2:16Stars Like Ours What’s Going Wrong 3:41The Routes Noise Annoys 2:40the Flamenco A Go Go the Flamenco A Go Go_People Say_Flamenco a GoGo_Single_1993 2:24Spam69 F You F […]

Ola’s Kool Kitchen later today Wednesday 9pm BST Show 488 The Nude Party-Cherry Red Boots-Rides On-New West Records En Attendant Ana-Wonder-Principia-Trouble in Mind Tanukichan-Thin Air (feat. Enumclaw) -Gizmo-Company Records Death and Vanilla-Baby Snakes-Flicker-Fire Records Iceblynk-Enter the Sky-single-5BC Records Single Mothers-Too Many Choices -Everything You Need-Dine Alon Air Waves-The Roof-The Dance-Fire Records Way Dynamic-So Familiar-So Familiar-Bobo […]

Mike Rogers Show : Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST / Sundays 11am-1pm JST MRS #220 Fadeaways vs. The Routes   MRS #221     MRS #225   Tetsuko      Mr. Thunder 1:35 Vertigos      01 Live Today Only        2:27 mophing people    Love Is A Lie         1:56 Vertigos      10 Something To Me      3:00 the Mophing People       01.Be Myself        […]

SATURDAY’S 8PM EST   CRED #134 ALL Playlist    OPENING JINGLE 22   NARRATION:   M1) Moebius & Renziehausen  – Hydrator    8:16   M2) Kassa Overall         – The Lava Is Calm (feat. Theo Croker)       3:07   Short jingle   M3)    Soft Machine – Crooked Usage 8:27   M4)    Lovi Did This        – […]

Ola’s Kool Kitchen later today Wednesday 9pm BST 1.      Iraina Mancini-Undo The Blue-Undo the Blue-Needle Mythology 2.      The Go! Team-Look Away, Look Away (feat The Star Feminine Band)-Get Up Sequences, Pt. 2-Memphis Industries 3.      Gina Birch-Wish I was You-I Play My Bass Loud-Third Man Records 4.      Holy Matter-Eve’s Hollywood-single-Royal Oakie Records 5.      The Church-Aerodrome-The Hypnogogue-Communicating Vessels 6.      Jean Dawson-PORN ACTING-CHAOS NOW-Handwritten […]

Ola’s Kool Kitchen later today Wednesday 9pm BST Show 486 Sinead O’Connor-Nothing Compares to You-I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got-Chrysalis Paramore-This is Why-This Is Why-Atlantic Shonen Knife-Better-Our Best Place-Good Charamel Records The Best of Synthia-Fractionated-single-self release Emma Anderson-Bend the Round- Pearlies-Sonic Cathedral The Arrogants-Dark Flowers-Brain Wash-Dirty Water Records Neighbor Lady-Penny Pick It Up-For […]

SATURDAY’S 8PM EST   CRED #130 PLAYLIST    OPENING JINGLE 22   NARRATION:   M1) Aphex Twin      – blackbox life recorder 3:29   M2) BimBamBoom         – japanese   3:43   Short jingle   M3)    DJ Trotsky   – Search and Destroy (feat. Koralee) 2:41   M4)    Ori Dagan   – 21st Century Blues       6:18   […]

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