Ola’s Kool Kitchen #489

Written by on 09/20/2023

Ola’s Kool Kitchen later today Wednesday 9pm BST

Show 489

  1. Panda Bear/Sonic Boom-Go On-Reset-Domino
  2. Tennis-Pillow for a Cloud-Pollen-Mutually Detrimental
  3. Samana-The Beach-All One Breath- Music For Heroes
  4. Sparklehorse-Chaos of the Universe-Bird Machine-Anti
  5. Jordan Funk-The Great God (Pan is not Dead) Spirit House Records
  6. Mikki Wood-The Fly on the Highway-single-self release
  7. Robyn Hitchcock-The Shuffle Man-Shufflemania-Tiny Ghost Records
  8. The House of Jed-O Caligula-single-self release
  9. Teleman- Easy Now I’ve Got You -Good Time/Hard Time-Moshi Moshi Records
  10. Amber Arcades-Life Is Coming Home-Barefoot on Diamond Road-Fire Records
  11. Foals-2AM-Life Is Yours-Warner Records
  12. Yma Sumac-Gopher -Mambo!-Capitol
  13. Tim Rose-Morning Dew-single-CBS

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