The Mike Rogers Show #227

Written by on 09/15/2023

Mike Rogers Show :

Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST / Sundays 11am-1pm JST

MRS #227
Rock a Cherry Greetings Exercise 2:20
The Dazes Big Break Up 3:20
Rock a Cherry Murder Notice 2:16
Stars Like Ours What’s Going Wrong 3:41
The Routes Noise Annoys 2:40
the Flamenco A Go Go the Flamenco A Go Go_People Say_Flamenco a Go
Go_Single_1993 2:24
Spam69 F You F Me 0:53
Spam69 Cherry 3:18
The Dazes Drive Me Electric 2:19
GUPPY_Texting&Driving_CLEAN EDIT 2:59
gnu-mad-russells miyazawa_and_yoshino 3:25
Strange Pie Hi-To-Hi-Ne-Ri 3:00
Rock a Cherry Ah ~ Ah 2:20
The Knockers l Remember 3:32
The Dazes Just Dreamy 3:14
JETT SETT Go Ahead 2:35
Floppy-Pinkies Ready To Break 2:48
Amyl and The Sniffers 70’s Street Munchies 2:28
Rock a Cherry Rainbow-colored beautiful boy 2:46
The Dazes Vanished 2:44
KPM News Reel 2 2:39
chocoballs short 1 0:31
The Havenots Happy Birthday to You 2:19
Rock a Cherry Illusion 2:30
Kidder Friendly Club endless summertime blues 3:20
The Dazes Show Girl 2:14
Rock a Cherry Satujin Yokoku 2:12
Paddy Isle Queen In Red_Mastered2 3:38
Clash Prom Girl I don’t care 2:18
Thunderroads coup d’etat virus 3:15
the Mophing People 01.Be Myself 2:33
Tetsuko Mr. Thunder 1:35
J. Girls Kiiro No Sekai 3:00
Daisy House Yellow Moon Road 3:33
The Dazes Getting On The Phone 2:47
Let’s Go’s 1.ロックンロール止めないで 4:24
The Dazes Be My Popsicle 3:08
The Volume Out! Fu™EJi™EYa™EMa 2:43
Mari Kono 酒乱ランデブー Sake Randezvous 3:58
NIkki Corvette Back To Detroit 2:53
TsuShiMaMiRe Anarchy Morning 2:46


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