Month: April 2016

04/29/2016 It’s Showtime! Tonight New Indie Finds and a few favourites and Other Mouth watering tracks. Addictions and Other Vices 259 – Colour Me Friday. Hope You Enjoy Bombshell Radio Addictions and Other Vices Podcast Present Fix Mix 259. Thnx Blue Soap Music PR and Radio Plugging Shameless Promotion PR and IMP Findlay – Junk […]

It’s Showtime… Addictions and Other Vices 258 – Days Like These!!! New things stirring. We are Now doing Live broadcasts. This started as one and then I forgot to press record. So with tail between my legs I bounce back with tonight’s show. We’ll call that Live experience a test run. More Indie finds, Favourites […]

Today The Menace’s Attic/Just Another Menace Sunday#interview w/ Mass Gothic6pm-8pm EST Bombshell Radio Bombshell Radio Repeats FRIDAY 6am-8am EST Today The Menace’s Attic/Just Another Menace Sunday #interview w/ Mass Gothic 6pm-8pm EST Bombshell Radio Bombshell Radio Repeats Tuesday 6am-8am EST #BombshellRadio #melodicrock #radioshow #rock #alternative #justanothermenacesunday #dj #DennistheMenace #radioreplay #today #MassGothic This Week […]

XTD Mixes – Call Me On The PhoneTuesday’s 3pm-4pm  Mixes from different genres and decades by XTD #loverstunes #Ska #RootsRaggae #Dub 

Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)Just Another Menace Sunday #interview w/ Sunflower Bean6pm-8pm EST 3pm-5pm PDT 11pm -1am BST Bombshell RadioRepeats Monday6am-8am EST 3am-5am PDT 11am-1pm BST BombshellRadio #melodicrock #radioshow #rock #alternative #TuneInRadio#justanothermenacesunday #dj #DennistheMenace #radio #today #SunflowerBean This Week – Episode #639 A DTM CONVERSATION WITH SUNFLOWER BEAN AND THEIR MUSICAL SANDWICH (04/17/2016) Theme SongJust Another […]

It’s Showtime , we return tonight with more from the Addictions Inbox and our weekly Top 10 Bombshell Radio Countdown paired with our Top 10’s musical influences (for the most part) if an artist does not appear to have any obvious influences listed then this week we have a train substitute on hand. The countdowns […]

It’s showtime. Thanks to all the listeners who sent in amazing responses to our last few shows. We have some exciting things happening in the next few weeks, more labels and promotion companies sending tracks our way. And a few other projects coming to fruition. Thanks to all the artists and promoters in sent in […]

Kaleidoscope #6 is a fun alternative action/drama soundtrack to Pulp Fiction. A funked up musical journey :) The Kaleidoscope mixes are retro feelgood jazzy funky,psychedelic big band eclectic music with a cool soundtrack vibe blended for a fun listen. Enjoy :) Links below to other Kaleidoscope mixes…. NATURAL BORN HIPSTER Tarantino Tapes : Kaleidoscope#5. Retro, […]

Back again with our 3rd sleep clinic show. It’s theme night and if you listened to this program before you know I’m a sucker for a theme. Tonight’s show contains songs about sleeping and dreaming. The reason I opted to do three shows is all of the great songs that I’ve unearthed that cover the […]

Today Just Another Menace Sunday w/ Elliphant 6pm-8pm EST Repeats Wednesday  6am-8am EST   This Week – Episode #637 A DTM CONVERSATION AND MUSICAL SANDWICH WITH ELLIPHANT (04/03/2016) Theme Song Just Another Menace Sunday Theme (Dennis The Menace) – Mighty Six Ninety Hour 1 A DTM CONVERSATION AND MUSICAL SANDWICH WITH ELLIPHANT OPENING SONG: […]

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