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Thursdays 10pm EST You cannot look up at the night sky on the Planet Earth and not wonder what it’s like to be up there amongst the stars.” Straight back into the cosmos, with a selection of chillwave, futurewave and a bank full of officewave to satisfy any intergalactic business mogul Plus an energetic […]

Thursdays 10pm EST beatstochillto with man like Malana Some truly soulful selections, enjoy your stay Music from Jean Frais, Chrome Waves, Zane Alexander, Spacemonkey., South West Seven, L’Atelier, El Chavo / El Jazzy Chavo Bugseed, Young Gun Silver Fox, Tesk, David Blazer & many more   Space Jams Radio · Space Jams 12.8: Shady […]

Thursdays 10pm EST Work up a sweat on this funkilicious disco serving of Space Jams! Some of our favourite modern remixes of timeless classics and a few of the latest and greatest in the underground European disco scene Plus an extended guestmix from Amsterdam’s superstar Shady Lady! She has been popping up at some […]

Thursdays 10pm EST I feel the need, the need for synth (and a lie down) All aboard the raid train as we pay our respects to the Twitch Mavericks, Evilsoh and Koopanut When the world went dark and quiet, there were many that kept the synthwave dream alive and these days still host epic […]

Thursdays 10pm EST “Relieve the after party of Space Jam’s hotline Bristol set.. a classic blend of nudisco and synth wave stompers.. next back we are back with our usual radio podcast, thanks for tuning in :)”   Space Jams Radio · Space Jams 11.4: Le Phunk (French Touch/ French House) 🇲🇽

Thursdays 10pm EST Make Music, Drink Coffee and Listen to Space Jams Future Funk and Vapor is finally spreading it’s aesthetic roots across the global live scene and while things are heating up here in the UK, let’s boogie with one of it’s champions – Mr. Wax Plus some future funk selects and some […]

Thursdays 10pm EST “For me, sampling is a high art. Most people don’t see it that way, but it’s a beautiful thing. I wouldn’t know anything about music if it wasn’t for samples.” A return to the beautiful world of plunderphonics, we truly feel right at home here. Next connoisseur on our journey, we […]

Thursdays 10pm EST The dawn of spring with memories of Green and the continued rise of neon dreams Experimental synthwave servings with some of our underrated synthwave heroes and a selection of balearic downtempo beats. Extended guestmix from Toronto’s ZAYAZ, a producer of many high quality flavours Featuring music from: Young Empress, Phaserland, Infra […]

Thursdays 10pm EST Amongst all the bad times, you can still search for the good vibes Disco finale with the ever awesome Fingerman; a true pioneer in the disco scene – The CEO of Hot Digits Music, presenter on Street Sounds and a very eclectic producer. This is a most funky victory Selection of […]

Thursdays 10pm EST “Life is made of moments like these” Free your mind and harness your soul in the world of progressive house and melodic trance once again A showcase of the tenacious label – Landscapes Music with a guestmix from founder – Horizons – DJ Producer Also featuring the latest and greatest from […]

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