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Bombshell Radio: Tonight 10pm-12am EST Space Jams 10.7 Smitech Wesson radio edit (low res).mp3Brace yourselves for a MONSTER of a synthwave show on this frightful halloween!We grabbed EDM Extrodinare Smitech Wesson, who is fresh on the synthwave scene with his debut EP “Azra & Leyra”. He only went and provided a 2 hour mix […]

Bombshell Radio: Tonight 10pm-12am EST A super spicy serving of an extra large disco special! Rising star Boogietraxx lays down some serious edits in hour 2, then in hour 2 (and a half), red hot label owner Monsieur Van Pratt cranks up the funk house for some serious heat Plus some oldschool classics and […]

Bombshell Radio: Tonight 10pm-12am EST We’re not saying everything is totally Peachy Keen… oh no wait we are! We’ve been on the internet and caught up with all things future funk! Check out what we’ve found Plus this week’s guestmix from the ever satisfactory Peachy Keen! Featuring music from R E M L a […]

Bombshell Radio: Tonight 10pm-12am EST 我们只是你就是一切 We are only your everything 当你感到孤独时When you feel alone Something special, a “best of” guestmix from Luxury Elite celebrating many years. Plus a selection of vaporwave greatest hits and some new releases from My Pet Flamingo You have just experienced things Featuring music from: Panic Pop, Tupperwave, Doktor […]

Bombshell Radio: Tonight 10pm-12am EST “Remember one thing through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that” An eclectic picnic of soulful beats, tribal trip hop, dissonant downtempo, chillhop and chillwave, there’s quite the spread! Plus brand new sounds from some of our favourite artists and frequent collaborators Featuring a fresh beat-tape from […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST Tonight we immortalize a legend In preparation for his brand new album, the legendary Futurecop! returns with a brand new ‘Watching the Clouds” exclusive mixtape Ahead of their new album released on Friday 17th September, hear a first play from Retrowave idols New Arcades , as well as other classic synthwave […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST The Countdown to Episode 100 has began! It’s been wild, it’s been emotional.. It’s been real We’ve been so excited to welcome these guys, the almighty Afriquoi, the truly underground sensations that bring an uplifting fusion of African music and live electronics! Let’s do this thing! Featuring music from: Oldchap, LUP […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST “In Trance I found my freedom” A massively long overdue return to the melodic world of progressive house and techno, venturing deep into some of the most hauntingly beautiful sounds we’ve ever heard Brand new releases, some underground classics and a guestmix from the ever passionate Andromedha Featuring music from: Kiwamu, […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST “Welcome to Night City. The only limit to what you can do is what you’re willing to become. So dream big!” A return to the darker sound with brand new darksynth heavies, melodic midtempo and a lethal collab guestmix from Hungarian superstar Megahit Featuring music from: DEADLIFE, Dan Terminus, Aeronexus, Masked, […]

Bombshell Radio: Thursday’s 8-10PM EST Music to make you feel pride for a city you’ve never beenNostalgia for a time that you never experiencedThe wonder, the hustle and bustle of City Pop Featuring a smooth selection of city pop and outrun, with just a topping of vaporwave. Followed by a serving of 2021 City Pop hits […]

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