The Mike Rogers Show #211

Written by on 05/27/2023

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MRS #211


FADEAWAYS       Explosivo    2:52

Jackets       9 deeper way digital master     3:13

Salvation Jayne    Salvation Jayne_So Dull So Quiet      3:49

THE LET’S GO’s   Lets A GoGo  3:34

Su Ko D Koi 甲州街道 Koshu Kaido    4:44

FADEAWAYS       How Do You Feel  2:26

Birrell or Biscuit    Birrell or Biscuit – Silly Billy      3:01

Jackets       8 loser’s lullaby digital master  2:47

THE LET’S GO’s   MAGIC        3:26

Molice        02 FRENZY PROTOTYPES      7:15

JinnyOops!  Tokyo Frontier      3:18

32 tens       This Just Ain’t My Year   2:51

RABAN       Do you want 何がしたい!? (demo盤)       5:00

Paddy Isle   Here I Am 48kHz_24bit   3:31

Helle  Scream       3:36

The Fadeaways    Louie Louie 3:16

KPM  News Reel 2         2:39

         chocoballs short 1 0:31

Su凸ko D凹koi   来世に期待 Expectations for the afterlife     4:12

Jackets       10 be myself digital master II   2:31

THE LET’S GO’s   進出鬼没のR&Rショー_mp3  3:12

Su Ko D Koi 風俗嬢との恋 Love with a Prostitute  3:36

         TheJackets_Life’sNotAMovie_Chaputa!Record_2023     4:22

RABAN       悪魔のWANNA (demo盤)        4:16

Fifi and the Mach III        JOHNNY     2:40

FADEAWAYS       M14 Out Of Time  4:14

Jackets       4 move on digital master II       2:35

         Floppy-Pinkies_Everywhere I Go_Love the Muffs_Self_2022    3:30

JETT SETT  Rock Monster       3:25

Tetsuko      The End of the Philosophy       5:40

THE LET’S GO’s   Chuck Berry    3:07


@GenyaRavan/@rumbarrecords        Fool For A Pretty Face (2023 Remix)  3:30

Let’s Go’s   2.Girl’s Rock        3:13

FiFI & MACH III     FiFI & MACH III _Rock’n’roll Girls_Mach a Go! Go!_1+2 Records_2020       2:39

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