Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #548

Written by on 04/14/2024

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The Candyskins – Dig It Deep (Fun LP) 

Michael Slawter – I Got Lost (The Plastic Years EP) 

Stephen Lawrenson – Once Upon A Time (Chants Of A Lifetime LP) 

The Amplifier Heads – Space Cadette (Songs From They Came To Rock LP) 

The Mockers – Real Enough For Me (The Lonesome Death Of Electric Campfire LP) 

Mad Ones – Last Summer (What It Takes LP) 

Flying Ant Day – Crystal Tips (Biff! Baff!! Boeuf!!! LP)

The Stands – Outside Your Door (All Years Leaving LP) 

Bebe Gallini – She Hulk (Single) 

Little Richie – Just Another Heartache (Single)

Metts Ryan Collins – Can’t Stop Feeling This Way (No Days Wasted LP)

Christopher Peifer – Nowhere Fast (Sacred And Profane LP)

The Supremes – Where Did Our Love Go (Single)

Flying Ant Day – Katy’s Choice (Biff! Baff!! Bouef!!! LP)

The Singles – I’m In Love With You (Better Than Before LP)

Sparkle Jets UK – Till We Meet Again (Best Of Friends LP)

The Jam – Going Underground (Single) Debuted at number 1, 1980 first Of Four number 1’s

Tony Marisco – Sleepwalker (Sleepwalker EP)

James Sullivan – It’s Good To Be Wrong (Vital Signs LP)

Gene Pool And The Shallows – Norwegian Wood (Benefit Of Mr. Kitesurfer LP)

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