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Synth Wave Show 11am-1pm EST The Synth Wave Show Bombshell Radio & Artefaktor Radio Join Forces! #TheSythWaveShow #DJ #RobGreen #Synthpop #NewMusic #Electro #NewWave #Classics #BombshellRadio Roxy Music ‘My Only Love’ (Remix) Fujiya & Miyagi ‘Impossible Objects of Desire’ Sweet Tempest ‘Colourful Rain’ (Millesim Remix) Chromatics ‘Lady Night Drive’ Brutalist Architecture In The Sun ‘Love & […]

ROB GREEN’S CLUB ECLECTICA DJ MIX Rob Green has got his (House) hat on! Hip, hip hip hooray! Standing in kindly for the House Love Show Starts at 3pm BST 10am EST We Join Forces with Artefaktor Radio   Brad Sucks & Fideles ‘Get Your Fable’ Christophe ‘The Scene’ (Future Boogie Records) Cassian ‘I […]

The Synth Wave Show 33 (LA Xmas) Playlist Michael Oakley ‘California’ The Midnight ‘Days Of Thunder’ The Killers ‘The Man’ Beck Black ‘American Mister’ Beck Black ‘Life Is A Circus’ A Million Machines ‘Come Tonight’ A Million Machines ‘My Criminal Mind’ A Million Machines ‘Absence Without Leave’ Lucky + Love ‘Sexy’ Lucky + Love ‘Legal Love’ Night […]

Today We Join Forces! Bombshell Radio and Artefaktor Radio Special Presentation The Synth Wave Show 8am-11am EST 1pm-4pm BST 8pm-11pm EST 1am-4am BST on We are very pleased to announce DJ Rob Green joins the Bombshell Radio Airwaves courtesy of Artefaktor Radio Repeats Thursday (Bi- Weekly) 5am-6am EST 10am-11am BST #Radio #DJRobGreen #BombshellRadio […]

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