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Today We Join Forces! Bombshell Radio and Artefaktor Radio
Special Presentation The Synth Wave Show
8am-11am EST 1pm-4pm BST
8pm-11pm EST 1am-4am BST on

We are very pleased to announce
DJ Rob Green joins the Bombshell Radio Airwaves courtesy of Artefaktor Radio
Repeats Thursday (Bi- Weekly) 5am-6am EST 10am-11am BST
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THE SYNTH WAVE SHOW returns with the ’50/50 Mixtape’ – 50% 80’s / 50% current synthwave back-to-back in a glorious 2 hour, 40 minute show starting at 8pm UK time on We briefly talk to Stuart McLaren and Brett Simpson of the biggest ever synthwave festival – Outland London 2017 – Live Synthwave, DJs & Film which is coming up in September and hear about the delights that are in store for us. Hear world exclusive debut tracks from Cosaquitos en Globo and Shadows & Mirrors plus new music from NINA, Mechanical Cabaret, LorD and Master, Charlotte Someone, EmT and Circuit3. There’s amazing music from the likes of Trevor Something, The Human League, Scandroid, ABC, The Midnight, Soft Cell, Nitewreckage, Animotion, New Order, The Frixion, Centre Excuse, Depeche Mode, LEBROCK, Reflex, Flock Of Seagulls, VHS Dreams, Sunglasses Kid and much, much more including THE ELECTRICITY CLUB’s ‘Pick Of The Month’.

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