Wassup Rocker Radio #144

Written by on 07/11/2020

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1 Watcha Gonna Do [*] 1:58 The Boys The Boys

2 Get Along My Darlin’ 3:07 Are You Ready For The Fight? Scandells

3 You Know You Can’t Help It 2:22 A Different Kind Of Tension Buzzcocks

4 Say You’ll Be Mine 2:55 The Yum Yums

5 Your Brown Eyes Look So Blue 1:56 Radio Sounds The Speedways

6 Saturday Night 2:20 Killed By Glam Vol 1 Bilbo Baggins

7 New World 1:50 Losin’ It PR Shake

8 Rebels Rule 3:14 Velvet Tinmine Iron Virgin

9 I Wanna Be a Pop Star 3:22 Kid Gulliver

10 Faster and Louder 2:48 The Dictators

11 Working For Free 3:04 Bad Moves

12 I’ve Got A Splitting Hedachi 2:29 Dawn Of The Dickies The Dickies

13 Not Another Teenage Head 3:15 L.A. Machina

14 (I’m) Stranded 3:34 No Thanks! The ’70s Punk Rebel The Saints

15 I Don’t Believe In America 3:32 Party Muscles

16 In The Sun (Original Private Stoc… 2:39 Blondie (Debut Album) Blondie

17 Looking for a Kiss 3:18 New York Dolls New York Dolls

18 She’s Got Everything 3:09 The Yum Yums

19 Modern Kicks 3:19 Guitar Romantic Exploding Hearts

20 Don’t Mind 2:58 Are You Ready For The Fight? Scandells

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