The Mike Rogers Show #213

Written by on 06/09/2023

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MRS #213

Suzi Quatro The Wild One        2:52

Questions   01 I Wanna You, ‰д€¤ђm [Wo Ai Ni] 2:21

Suzi Quatro Can the Can         3:34

Helen Love  Punk Boy    2:04

         07 – Annie Taylor – Ride High   3:50

Su凸ko D凹koi   Kurenai ni somaru joshi-tachi  (Red Hair dyed girls)        4:25

Carissa Johnson   So Far So Good    2:59

Tiger Bomb Turn It Up    3:18


Suzi Quatro The Devil In Me     3:25

Cindy Lawson      Don’t Come Crying to Me        2:39

Lady Flash  デスサファリ [DeathSafari]      2:58

TheJackets Life’s Not A Movie 4:22

Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment    Tourist        3:40

FRSKID       BABY FIRST         3:02

The Low Spirits     You Lied     2:41

THE LET’S GO’s   Lets A GoGo  3:34

KPM  News Reel 2         2:39

         chocoballs short 1 0:31

         01_08_NA NA LAND 2_FRSKID         3:15

Genya Ravan        Fool For A Pretty Face (2023 Remix)  3:30

Molice        02 FRENZY PROTOTYPES      7:15

Kate Redgate       Light Under The Door     4:40

Leather Catsuit     Can’t Get You Off My Mind      2:56

Questions   03 夜明けの鳥が鳴いた [Yoake no Tori ga Naita]        2:56

Sophie Doyle Ryder       Insecure      3:17

Calma Boris LOIRINHO_MIX4   1:50

Jackets       4 move on digital master II       2:35

Mie Nakao   Sharock No. 1      2:26

The Ramones       Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?     3:52

TsuShiMaMiRe     Anarchy Morning  2:46

JinnyOops!  3       3:19

Justine and the Unclean The Signal Light    2:22

The Jack Cades    The Jack Cades_Something New_The Jack Cades_Beluga Records_ 2023         3:37

         The Low Spirits – Never Said I Need You – Digital Master        3:34

FiFI & MACH III     FiFI & MACH III _Rock’n’roll Girls_Mach a Go! Go!_1+2 Records_2020       2:39

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