The Mike Rogers Show #206

Written by on 04/29/2023

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MRS #207


The Courettes       The Teens Are Square    1:54

THE LET’S GO’s   Lets A GoGo  3:34

Richie Ramone     Richie Ramone_Live to Tell_Live to Tell_Outro Records_2023  3:22

Beaters Band       X OFFENDER       3:16

DOTRASH   DOTRASH_Shocking Beat_DoTrash_Hardcore Kitchen_2023  3:21

         Monty Vega & The Sittin’ Shivas Avocado Phone  3:23

JETT SETT  Rock Monster       3:25

Tetsuko      9_IWantU    2:48

         13 YOU CAN’T GO HOME- FLOPPY PINKIES      2:45

         Beater’s Band_NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET_Single_VINTAGE PUNKROCK’N’ROLL_2022 2:47

Les Lullies   Zéro Ambition       2:02

Richie Ramone     05 Find Our Place – Remaster NEW 1         2:33

         Josie Cotton_PAINTING IN BLOOD_Single_ Kitten Robot Records_2023   3:33

the Stimulators     Run, Run, Run      2:25

Jimi LaLumia        Junkie See, Junkie Do    2:23

New York Junk     Going Back to Max’s      2:47

Electric Lovehandles      Love You    3:05

Richie Ramone     12 The Last Time – Remaster NEW 1 3:24

The Courettes       I’ve Been Walking 2:16

KPM  News Reel 2         2:39

         chocoballs short 1 0:31

Beaters Band       DO YOU WANNA DANCE MSTR       2:48

Richie Ramone     07 Not Afraid – Remaster NEW 1       3:13

Katsu Tarui Band  00A_KTB_SSS2_220416 3:24

         Richie Ramone_Suffocate_Live to Tell_Outro Records_2023   2:37

The Nuclear Banana       Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White   3:21

Beaters Band       THEN HE KISSED ME    2:06

The Dazes   The Dazes_Kiss Twist_Single_Popball Records_2023 (rerelease)      2:54

Ishihara Yujiro      Ginzano koino monogatari       4:24

X-Ray Spex Art-I-Ficial   3:22

Richie Ramone     Richie Ramone_Master Plan_Live to Tell_Outro Records_2023         2:34

Letniy 06_Early Summer Boys_Mastered for Digital_210702     4:12

Tetsuko      Hello  3:41

Lovi Did This        Godzilla      5:06

DOTRASH   DOTRASH_Color Spectrum_DoTrash_Hardcore Kitchen_2023 2:36

THE LET’S GO’s   Chuck Berry    3:07

FiFI & MACH III     FiFI & MACH III _Rock’n’roll Girls_Mach a Go! Go!_1+2 Records_2020       2:39

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