The Mike Rogers Show #206

Written by on 04/22/2023

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MRS #206


JETT SETT  Rock Monster       3:25

The Dazes   Big Break Up        3:20

Richie Ramone     Richie Ramone_Master Plan_Live to Tell_Outro Records_2023         2:34

Venus Grrrls Sudocream Queen         2:45

TV Smith and Richard Strange 6 Last Human Being in the World December 1st remix-6         3:10

The Dazes   Vanished     2:44

Two Hearts (AKA Titty Twister) That’s Rock N Roll         3:17

Venus Grrrls Sudocream Queen         2:45

The Short Fuses   Drop The Needle  3:45

SUPER GENTLE   9.Paradise   7:06

Let’s Go’s   1.ロックンロール止めないで 4:24

Fadeaways  I don’t care  2:36

Su凸ko D凹koi   来世に期待 Expectations for the afterlife     4:12

The 50 Kaitenz     ハートブレイカーブルース      3:46

Shonen Knife        Twist Barbie         3:56

         Josie Cotton_PAINTING IN BLOOD_Single_ Kitten Robot Records_2023   3:33

 MAMI and the MACH III MY SWEET JUDY          2:19

KPM  News Reel 2         2:39

         chocoballs short 1 0:31

Louise Distras       Truth In Your Lies 2:57

Vanity Mirror         04 – Dandelion Wish.MSTR      3:39

FiFI & THE MACH III       I Like Sunday       2:34

Two Hearts (AKA Titty Twister) Mystery Zone 2023        4:18

TsuShiMaMiRe     08 08 Crazy for you        5:08

JinnyOops!  雷鳴 (Raimei) SHOCKING        3:51

Indya (Laudez Rose)       Wasted       3:05

         Pink Lady  SOS  Basic Ver       2:46

The Tomboys       Help Me Somebody       3:01

Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite Moshiyokattara     3:02

It Man         White Heat Radio Edit    2:52

Tetsuko      The End of the Philosophy       5:40

The Tuesday        Weekend    2:49

         Floppy-Pinkies_Outer Space_Glitter Balloons_Independent_2022     2:41

MOLICE      The Haze    2:52

The Dazes   Kiss Twist   2:54

Letniy 01 Hot Gimmick    3:28

FiFI & MACH III     FiFI & MACH III _Rock’n’roll Girls_Mach a Go! Go!_1+2 Records_2020       2:39

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