The Mike Rogers Show #186

Written by on 12/03/2022

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MRS #186


Gut Health      Shut Down      2:50

            Mel Machete_Machete Gang_Machete Gang_Religious Records_2022     2:45

            THE HIGHMARTS_Hound Dog_DODGY DEMO_Sazanami Label_2022     2:33

The Speedways          Secret Secrets            2:30

Vincent Christ Bodies 3:34

Dumb  Foot Control   1:49

Alien Nosejob Alien Nosejob _Beatles Vs. Stones_Stained Glass_Total Punk_2022          4:06

Dynamite Platoon       Dynamite Platoon_Uncontollable Urge_ We Will Comply_Lod Records_2021        3:06

FADEAWAYS  FADEAWAYS_She Won’t Be Mine_She Explosivo My mInd_Soundflat Recrods_2022  2:24

Gut Health      Gut Health_Inner Norm_Single_ Translucent_ 2022 2:29

            Beater’s Band_NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET_Single_VINTAGE PUNKROCK’N’ROLL_2022     2:47

            Altermoderns_Out In The Street_Overdose of You_Formosa Records_2022          2:51

            Crankees_Lottery of Time_Lucky Ones_Down the Coast_2022       2:11

The Pats Pats Cat Life           3:01

The Pats Pats Girls Will Be Girls        3:03

The Pats Pats Lovely Way     3:22

Black Pope     Goth Girl         3:28

            TheShortFuses_Livin’Dead_DigitalSingle_RumBarRecords_2022   2:20

Crocodile Tears          Anything that’s Rock ‘N’ Roll 2:41

Delivery           Baader Meinhof          3:44

KPM    News Reel 1   2:39

            chocoballs short 1      0:31

Sick Thoughts No Life No Life            1:32

The Pissed Ones        Shes Too Much          1:56

The Murlocs    Living Under a Rock   2:28

Outtacontroller            Hit and Run     2:25

The Underbites           Consumption Device  2:12


Green/Blue     Green/Blue _Worry_Gimme Hell_Treasury_ 2022     2:37

Jeanines         Jeanines_After All_Single_Jeanines_ Sazanami_2022          1:29

Penny Peach  Penny Peach_Catacombs_Ego Party_ Public School Records_ 2022         3:21

Tuffy    Autumn           2:45

Vicious Blonde            Vicious Blonde – Ignore Everybody   3:02

The Pats Pats Make Up!        3:18

The Pats Pats AnoLuck          2:32

The Pats Pats Everyday         2:24

Doki Doki        Doki Doki – I Was Killing It Man         2:06

The Jackets    The Jackets – Losers Lullaby 2:47

            Cody Melville_I Refuse To Die_Dogs in this Town_Duetto Music_2022      3:29

            Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin_Red Beans And Gasoline_Now With More Rockets_Rock On Records_2022     3:22

Mophing People         Mophing People_Only Shallow_Alternative EP_Independent_2022 3:58

            Fadeaways_She Explosivo My Mind_She Explosivo My Mind_Soundflat_2022     2:45

            Charlie Clark_No Big Deal_Late Night Drinking_Single_2022          2:23

Clalas クララズ          アメリカン American 3:48

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