The Mike Rogers Show #133

Written by on 12/11/2021

Mike Rogers Show :

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Mike Rogers Show #133


Lucie,too         ハミング                  2:48

The Tomboys  01-Girls Be Ambitious            2:41

THE LET’S GO’s         恋の1234              3:12

Sakuran Zensen         タクシーマン              3:50

Stephanies -zoombies room 2                       2:54

THE LET’S GO’s         サマーガール              3:54

Beebe Gallini featuring Cindy Lawson           You Ain’t Getting Nothin                    2:22

The Tomboys     Timemachine Nante            4:18

Lucie,too         スーパームーン                   2:28

Ava Vox           Crash              2:47

Sakuran Zensen         ロッキンロール                      2:51

The Questions I am I               1:57

Collect Call     Chase The Light                     3:06

Lucie,too         first song                     2:00

Jenn Vix          PTSD               3:25

Lucie,too         幻の恋人                     1:50

The Dumes    – Liquor & High            3:36

The Questions Koi No Yokan             2:34

The Tomboys  02-Take It Easy                       4:12

KPM    News Reel                  2:39

Lucie,too         シワの種                     3:06

The Tomboys  I Don’t Wanna Go Home                    3:55

Sakuran Zensen         夕焼けニャンニャンズのテーマ                     1:18

Rodney Cromwell       Memory Box               3:13

The Tomboys  I See Who                   2:44

Blush –      Come Clean                      3:16

VONAMOR     Take Your Heart                     4:35

THE LET’S GO’s         Time After Time_mp3             3:03

The Tomboys  01-Girls Be Ambitious            2:41

Lucie,too         ハミング                  2:48

THE LET’S GO’s         フロンティア_mp3                 3:47

The Questions I am I               1:57

LIGHTERS      That’s the Way Woman Is (The Messengers cover)              2:00

The Dumes    – Neverlost                   3:03

The Tomboys  Sukitoru                      3:16

Lucie,too         Bedroom                     2:56

The Questions 02 I Got MOJO Working (Preston Foster cover)                    2:27

Lovebites        Me, me, me                 1:53

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