Space Jams Space Jams 12.2 w/ Riverman

Written by on 04/21/2022

Thursdays 10pm EST
“For me, sampling is a high art. Most people don’t see it that way, but it’s a beautiful thing. I wouldn’t know anything about music if it wasn’t for samples.”
A return to the beautiful world of plunderphonics, we truly feel right at home here. Next connoisseur on our journey, we are bestowed by the sampling magic of UK based Riverman Plus a selection of exclusive new releases, a journey through Girlfriend Records and a showcase of the iconic album “In The Air”
Featuring music from: ThinkFishTank, P.SUS, Pogo Music, Blujaymix, Creep Crawl Flash, Robkta Music, Glue70, Shiruetto, Joy-key, & many more


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