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Written by on 02/17/2017

Welcome to Soul Traveller Radio Show hosted by Shayne Locke, we have a stack of fresh conscious music tracks this week including one that just dropped yesterday, the brand new single from Dispatch. Nahko and Medicine for the People get some help from some Trevor Hall and Xavier Rudd and Gold Coast singer Fiona Kernaghan sings our prayers and we go back to 1971 to celebrate Carole King’s 75th birthday. We also have a special valentine’s release by Francesca Blanchard, and a new album from a super group called Ultimate Fantastic. Other artists include Switchfoot,Rob Krosley, The Polish Ambassador, Kimberly Haynes, Lee Harrington (Mirabai), and a 1983 flashback with Avion.

Plus we have a special extended interview with Mirabai about her album, Beyond the Beyond, the importance of kirtan, finding your voice through kirtan and the difference between kirtan and mantras. Plus we check out selected tracks from Beyond the Beyond.

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