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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) 10am-1pm EST bombshellradio.comArtefaktor Radiowe have teamed up with this fantastic radio station from Mexico. Throughout the week we present various shows from their lineup, and archive some of the shows for your listening pleasure.We hope you enjoy! #SneakPeek, #Synthwave, #Synthpop, #NewMusic , #Mix , #ArtefaktorRadio , #BombshellRadio , #NowPlaying, #BombshellRadio

THIS WEEK: 45 tracks! 
Miel Noir – Reclaim Your Story 
ReveLever – The Greed of Man 
Crush 333 – Non Stop Feeling Empty 
Bunny X – Stay (Into the Night Extended Mix) 
Arthur G Daly – Write Your Wrongs (China Crisis) 
Mind Machine – Clouds of Doubt (Fused Sacred Remix) 
Randstad – Spanish Caravan 
Mika Ella – Take It Or Leave It – Extended Version 
Loewenhetz – Leuchtturm 
Eli Raybon – Saturday Nights in Space 
DRÆMINGS – Stranger Than Believing 
Jermango Dreaming – Breeze 
Noel Gallagher – Black Star Dancing (12 INCH MIX) 
Far Caspian – Astoria 
V-Sor,X ‘Crash And Burn’ 
Sky Civilian – If I Had 
Dismembered Sound booth – Changes 
The Stir Fry Pop Star – Perfect Touch 
Metropoly – White Lies 
Jouska – Titanics 
Form – Override (Steve Adam Remix) 
Fiction 8 – Let Go (Final Cut Mix) 
ALEX & TOKYO ROSE – Mean Streets 
Fused – Dreaming of Me by Fused (feat Stephen Newton) 
Bonobo – Ibrik 
#VeryBraveMen – Fall Apart 
FUSHIA – Gold 
Ironic Sweden – Dansmusik (Robot Remix) 
Dandy Dan – Fruits Of That Flow 
Green Velvet, Prok & Fitch, Shamonique – WOW Original Mix 
Liebknecht – Danzig Original Mix 
Black Sun Dreamer – Lipstic Marks 
Dimitry Berzerk Feat. Franco Doglioli – My Love Is Electric (Frozen Plasma Remix Edit) 
Ultimated – I Need Your Love (Cyborgdrive Remix) 
Into the Blood – Stars In Your Hand 
Eric C. Powell – True (Andrik Arkane Remix) 
Hatchie – Obsessed 
Red Sleeping Beauty – We Are Magic 
Minuit Machine – Empty Shell 
Us – In Denial 
Ugly Nature – Alien Expression 
The Winachi Tribe feat. I Kong – Parisites Paradise 
Clan of Xymox – Loneliness – Antipole Paris Alexander remix 
Analogue Electronic Whatever – Surf Radio Single 
Secrecies – So Quickly

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