Radio Hootenanny Early July 2020

Written by on 07/09/2020

THURSDAY’S Radio Hootenanny Regular Time Slot: Thursdays 3pm – 4pm EST 

Repeats Fridays 2am-3am EST

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ootenanny theme – skipthedj & mitch girio*

gran torino – matt foy*

move it on ouvre – the bumblebats*

cyclone dreams – heavy living*

the vortex – loveproof*

fall in love – badbadnotgood*

lover in the cellar – leaving esmeralda*

freaky like a friday – the bartops*

too many days – hangtime*

my girl – vypers*

company hearse – james clarke institute

you want more – king of foxes*

lighten up – neon bloom*

death of a romantic – the smugglers*

broken arms – steve adamyk band*

live and learn – johnny nocash*

i’m not in love with the system – c’mon*

1000 year sentence – strange things*

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