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Nigel Thomas returns on Bombshell Radio for the third time with You’re Favourite Songs You’ve Never Heard. We highly suggest you check this show out. Always a real pleasure. And together let’s convince Nigel to continue these monthly shows for us.

Nigel’s music is heartfelt, original and passionate, with echoes of Elliott Smith, Paul McCartney and Graham Coxon. Highly experienced as a performer, he was also the lead singer and song writer for “The Foxes” with whom he achieved several UK Indie Chart successes, as well as releasing a highly regarded début album produced by the legendary producer John Cornfield.

Having debuted tracks at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2015, his début solo album ‘Travelling Man’ will be released in early 2016 and was recorded at Tilehouse Studios by Luke Oldfield and mastered by John Davis (Damon Albarn, Led Zeppelin, Stone Roses etc) at Metropolis.

As an actor, Nigel has most recently performed as ‘Frank’ in the new feature film thriller Candlestick, which has it’s US première this April in Los Angeles.

Theatre credits include”Charlie” in The Music Hall Menagerie at the Leicester Square, “Sammy Sax” in Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens at the Leicester Square Theatre, and “‘David’ in Toxic Bankers at both Leicester Square Theatre and The Lowry, Salford, ‘Greg’ in ‘Rules of the Game’ at the Barons Court Theatre.

His TV work includes ‘Dark Matters’ for Discovery Channel, ‘Bloody Tales from the Tower’ for National Geographic and ‘The History of Physics’ for KBNE-UK. His most recent music video was for ‘Rizzle Kicks – Skip to the Good Bit’.

Nigel Thomas – Your Favourite Songs You’ve Never Heard III


  1. Frank Zappa – Cosmic Debris.
  2. Nirvana – Sappy.
  3. Rory Gallaher – Too Much Alcohol.
  4. Supergrass – Low C.
  5. The Big – The Shop.
  6. Alan Watts – What if Money was No Objet?
  7. Nigel Thomas – Something About You.
  8. Paul Weller – Everything Has A Price to Pay.
  9. Gypsy Fingers – Get Yourself Out Of Town.
  10. Elliott Smith – Waltz #1.
  11. Pulp – Babies.
  12. Television – Marquee Moon.

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