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Written by on 08/20/2019

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A musical kaleidoscope of 22 groovy,funky,jazzy,rocking,far-out & fun tracks. A genre juggling journey into sound. Volume 82. Enjoy the trip :)

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1 Whole Lotta Love Dieter Zimmermann
2 Inside Information David Lindup
3 Tequila The Ventures
4 She Walks Through the Fair Jim Sullivan Sound
5 Doodle-Oop The Meters
6 Soul Thing Keith Mansfield
7 The Investigator Alan Hawkshaw
8 Sock It My Way The Animated Egg
9 Onyx The Rainbow Orchestra
10 Breezin’ Keith Mansfield
11 Love Doctor M. Bell & Mike Moran
12 Ltts Big Jim Sullivan
13 Warpaint Joe Loss & His Music
14 Ground Noise Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra
15 Sheiba Les Players
16 Super Funky Pt.1 Thunder, Lightning & Rain
17 Bull dog The Shangri-Las
18 Just Another Day David Lindup
19 Don’t Do It, Baby Mark Wirtz
20 Grange Hill Alan Hawkshaw
21 Sexy Safari The Afro Rhythm Group
22 The Storm The Hunters

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