For The Record Dec 20/ 2018

Written by on 12/21/2018

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“9:00:00 PM”,”Trem Two”,”Mission of Burma”

“9:03:41 PM”,Dirt,”Mission Of Burma”

“9:07:11 PM”,Flushed,”The Foreign Resort”

“9:12:21 PM”,”Dead End Roads”,”The Foreign Resort”

“9:16:41 PM”,Cheeseburger,”Gang Of Four”

“9:20:42 PM”,”Love Like Anthrax”,”Gang of Four”

“9:26:31 PM”,”Let My Bones Dry Out in The Sun”,Stuart

“9:31:58 PM”,6,Stuart

“9:35:22 PM”,Karass,Coloba

“9:39:12 PM”,”Little Sibelius”,Coloba

“9:43:02 PM”,Air,YANEECK

“9:50:08 PM”,Chains,Xiejra

“9:52:34 PM”,Duration,”Rath Campbell”

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