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Written by on 06/04/2023

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Tony Stuart

On the final episode of season one, we chat with musician, podcaster, music

teacher, Tony Stuart. Tony is a multi-instrumentalist currently performing with the

jazz duo The Somerset Combo (with Ric Denis). He is the producer and co-host of

a fascinating music podcast called the Way Back Music Machine Podcast. Along

with music writer/radio host Aaron Badgley, they give context to some of the

greatest moments in music history and, every once in a while, pick up a musical

hitchhiker, like me. Tony also teaches high school music and conducts for stage

band and orchestra.

On Episode 14, he makes his case for why jazz legend Miles Davis, pop stars Hall

and Oates, and The Beatles are the essence of cool.

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Bernard Frazer is a Canadian songwriter/musician whose synth pop band Church of Trees has topped independent charts around the world. He is also a former television producer/writer of such shows as Real Life with Erica Ehm (Life Network), The Dini Petty Show (CTV), Miracle at Niagara, and New Year’s Eve Niagara Falls

In Season 2, we’ve scheduled episodes with the great Phil Thornalley (The Cure, Duran Duran, etc), Kevin Hearn (Lou Reed, Barenaked Ladies), Men without Hats’ Ivan Doroschuk, legendary rocker June Millington (Fanny, Earl Slick, Bonnie Raitt), the great Jay Semko of 5-time Juno nominated Northern Pikes, indie star Vicki Brittle, and more.

We’ve also scheduled a series of episodes discussing the life and musical impact of Canadian producer, and songwriter, Tim Thorney (Alanis Morrisette, Cassandra Vasik, etc). For this very special series, we’ll be joined by former Much Music VJ Erica Ehm, Juno award-winner Hill Kourkoutis, ‘drummer to the stars’ Randy Cooke, Tim’s brother Tom, and Tim’s longtime engineer and friend, Adam Fair.

Stay Tuned!

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