Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #542

Written by on 03/03/2024

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Fountains Of Wayne – Survival Car (Fountains Of Wayne LP)

On The Runway – Bring Yourself Down (Tell Yourself It’s Pretty LP)

J Edmond – City Walk (Single)

Mr Splice Guy – Patterns (Procedural Degeneration LP)

Portable Radio – Chas & Morph (Counting To Three LP)

The Second Summer – The Reason (Undertow LP)

Nada Surf – Bright Side (If I Had A Hi Fi LP) 

Shaggahs – Bull Of A Man (Extra Stout LP) 

The Smoggers – You Really Go (Funeral LP)

The Second Summer – Wonder Why (Undertow LP)

Elvyn – Ellie (Valley Of The Killowatt Hour LP)

The Pozers – Save A Kiss For Me (Single)

The Who – A Legal Matter (My Generation LP)

Weezer – Holiday (The Blue Album LP)

Tinted Windows – Kind Of A Girl (Tinted Windows LP)

Rob Moss and Skin Tight Skin – You & Time (Single)

Garlands – Know Your Religion (Single)

65MPH – Small Miracles (Single)

The Hazey Janes – Always There (Hotel Radio LP)

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