Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #525

Written by on 11/06/2023

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The Detroit Cobras – He Did it (Life, Love & Leaving LP)

Nick Frater – Leave It To The City (Bivouac LP)

The Mop Tops – I Want You (Running Out Of Time LP)

Any Trouble – Second Choice (Where are All The Nice Girls LP)

Marc Valentine – Skeleton Key (Single)

Magnatech – Dr Mabuse – (Herr Magnatech Bitte Zum Tanz LP)

Automatics – Flowers Of Freedom (Single)

The Lunar Laugh – Out Of Love (In The Black LP) 

The Voltz – Taste It (Single)

Scunner – Redcap (Single)

Dfactor – Tough Start, Hard Stop (Single)

Hanemoon – They Bring The War (Single)

Jackie Lee – Do The Temptation Walk (Single)

Jim Basnight with The Moberlys and Solo – You Know I Know (Early Years LP)

The Plus 4 – You Look Right Through Me (Single)

Squire -It’s Too Bad (Big Smashes LP)

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Oh Girl (Take A Break LP)

The Beatersband – Nightmare On Elm Street (52 Ways To Murder EP) 

Los Glosters – Recuerdos De Ayer (Cuatro LP) 

P & F Mum – End Of The World (Single) 

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