Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #524

Written by on 10/30/2023

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Butlers – She Tried To Kiss Me (Single)

Dolph Chaney – Nice (Mug LP) Big Stir

The Mourning After – She’s Gonna Get It (Do Your Thang LP) 

The Jags – Here Comes My Baby (No Tie Like The Present LP)

The Mike Bell Cartell – Wait! (The Cartel and I LP)

The Goldstars – Leave Me Alone (A Halloween Song) (Single)

Magnatech – There’s A Monster In The Manure Lagoon (Herr Magnatech Bittet Zum Tanz LP)

David A Burdick – In A Haunted House (Single)

Geoff Palmer – Surfin’ Nebraska (An Otherwise Negative Situation LP)

Buzz Zeemer – Call You Up (Lost & Found LP)

Stop Calling Me Frank – My Band On Her T shirt (Single)

The Ramones- Pet Semetary (Single)

The Blow Pops – Halloween (American Beauties LP) 94

The Smoggers – Dracula Is Alone (Funeral LP)

The Bings – Please! (Single)

The Pozers – Missing You (Missing Me) (Something Pop LP)

Perro Zoso – Tranquilo (Single)

Nezrok – Sam Goodie (Single)

The Stranglers – Waltz In Black (The Gospel According to The Meinblack LP)

The Bitch Boys – Ghost Hop (Ride The First Wave LP

Roky Eriickson – I Walked With A Zombie (The Evil One LP)

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