From Whispers To Screams Special Session #34

Written by on 02/13/2020

Thursdays 8:00am-10am EST\

This is a show dedicated to artists that I have found and selected on Soundcloud. In some cases I have asked for a specific song, in others they will send me the one they want. They all make music that I want to hear. Lonely artists, groups, non-existent groups, collaborations through the network, professionals, amateurs, Do it your self fans, all with the desire to share their creations with listeners with their same concerns. We believe that this is a show to listen from beginning to end, discovering all the musical variety that has also surprised me. You will find authentic jewels.

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1. Plike – The Banished



2. Viola Moonshape – All Your Shame


3. IXIISIS  – Vertigo




4. Albert Roda – Decade


5. Belial Pelegrim – Cardigan



6. Syntaleta (with Human) – Reflections



7. Guitarbeard – Facetime


8. Anna Over – If the war is over

9. Elements of Synergy – Ocean Bells


10. John Palmer – Stay



11. Fred-E Skywalker – Pyramid Contemplative


12. wellenhafen – Natur gepresst


13. Sulevia – SoundZ


14. Carlos Vivanco – Angéle de la Bartheshort


15. learningtoplay – Existence


16. Spacial Cecilia – Song of freedom



17. meezerpocalypse – Really Hard Song


18. Tea man (Feat Jasmine Knight) – I’m alive

19. Selena & Gordon’s Factory (Feat: Joan Silentio) – The Swan’s song

@Selena & Gordon’s Factory

20. Guns of Seneca – Largo Parenchyma


21. Benny Braun – Sunrays, Revealing (Reflection)


22. ангел – Catalyst – The creator

23. Shabboo Harper – Would U Like


24. Famous Forgotten Artists – Apostrofaries (2019 revisited)



25. Joan Silentio – Distant


26. Steve Pierce – Refugees

27. REI Koizumi – The stream is flowing, the small bird is flying

28. Kaerian – Carbon Spell

29. Bulevardi – Corrosive Motions


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