Addictions and Other Vices 750 – Top 200 of 2020 Countdown Part One

Written by on 12/26/2020

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Tonight it’s Part One of our Bombshell Radio​ Top 200 Countdown of 2020. Thanks to the thousands of artists, labels and PR companies and listeners who submitted tracks to us weekly. Special thanks to all the presenters on Bombshell Radio who inspire me daily with fantastic programming. I’m very proud of what we’ve built here. This year we joined Radio Alliance and posted our Top 10 Weekly. And due to the pandemic unfortunately this year we only managed three judging panel shows. Hopefully we’ll go back to monthly in the New Year. The show is mostly comprised of those Top 10 lists and shows. These artists stood out to us and deserve to be recognized. We could have easily surpassed 200 songs for this years best of from the wealth of talent submitted and discovered.

We hope you enjoy.


Addictions 750 Top 200 of 2020 Part One

200. Rainbow Records – Oceanography

199. There Is Always a Light – Civic Green

198. TV News – Stereo In Solo featuring Kay Burden

197. 100 Times – DIVES

196. Equalised – Rachel Jack

195. Phases – KEYS

194. Too Much – Honeymoan

193. To Hell and Back (Radio Edit) – The Frixion

192. Goldfish – Radio Edit – Matinee

191. Defender – The Agency

190. The Pool – (1000 Beasts Remix) – Pollena

189. One Shot – Madisyn Whajne

188. Petting Zoo – IDESTROY

187.The Entertainer – The Persian Leaps

186. Want Me – Baby Queen

185. The Accepted Time – The Corner Laughers

184. Breadwinner – Widowspeak

183. We Share The Same Stars – The Sea at Midnight

182. Mustang – Bartees Strange

181. Furniture – Maude Latour

180. Sympathy for the Modern Society – Wild Horse

179. Infinite Jets – Juliper Sky

178. Lady Godiva – Rebecca Lappa

177. Love and War – CATBEAR

176. Never Die – Soft Set

175. I Can Run Faster Than Your Car – Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue

174. Roads – Henry

173. Phoenix – Two

172. Reality – The Churchhill Garden

171. These Days – Marsicans

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