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Written by on 02/06/2020

Addictions and Other Vices 662 – Bombshell Radio BOMBSHELL RADIO Today 11:30am-1pm EST

Repeats Friday 8am-10am and Saturday 11am-1pm EST #indie, #rock ,#alternative ,#Synthpop, #indierock, #community, #radio, #BombshellRadio, #DJ,

Dear God / XTC
Blasphemous Rumours / Depeche Mode
Don’t Die Curious / Tom Rosenthal
Fantasy Killer / Cyberattack
Two Live In This House / Sharp Ears
Let Me Out / Church Of Trees
Queen of Eyes / The Soft Boys
Couldn’t I Just Tell You / Todd Rundgren
Simeon Kirkegaard – Animals In Your Bed
I Wanna Be More / Feed Your Wolves
It’s All In The Mall! / Girlfriend Material
Feelin’ Low / Peach Pit
Will o’the wisp / Pet Shop Boys
The Red Planet Plan I Planned You For / sidekicknick
Brightside / Chords Of Eve
Ruiner / Wilsen
Ghost Tree / The Voice Tree
Shelter / Mikal Cronin
Unfair / Deleo
A.I / Flesh Tetris
Control / Brooke Bentham
Your Capricious Soul Michael Stipe
Solid Gold Easy Action / Marc Bolan & T. Rex

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