Addictions and Other Vices 343- Colour Me Friday 11/25/2016

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Well it’s that time again it is Friday night and it is showtime we got a great show for you tonight a lot of new indie finds, a few favourites and of course a few surprises. I also want to stress if you are enjoying the show and want to hear more episodes just head up to bombshell we have a subscribe button there and you can keep up with us 24-7. So many great things happening on bombshell radio I want to thank all of the artists and labels and PR companies who submitted tracks this week. I also want to give a special thank you to the other presenters on Bombshell Radio amazing work. So it’s Black Friday, did you find any of those deals you were looking for? I went out yesterday saw a few things that were put up pre-sale, mostly just stuff clearing out from summer. Nothing that special , of course I’ll be checking out a few things today and hoping for the best. I intend to do the majority of my window shopping from the comfort of my computer. This is Addictions and Other Vices 343- Colour Me Friday.

I hope you enjoy!

What Would Jesus Drive – The One That I Want
HAP – Shopping the Collection
Nightjacket – It’s Alright
Strangejuice – Flying Fish
Famous Forgotten Artists – The Followers Of the Shadow of the Clouds
Slow Dakota – The Lilac Bush
Daniel Land – Holes on the Dancefloor
Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy
Ocean Flaws – Mojo
Hello Casonova – Waiting
The Wedding Present – Little Silver
Heroics – New Lovers
Brick & Mortar – Dark Skies
Parker Bombshell – Long Drawn Out Goodbyes
Robb Murphy – The Mysteries Of The Heart [KidAI Remix]
Alpha – Unity
LYZEE – Luminescent
Olivia May – Tonight
Milburn – Forming of a Fate
Keane – Tear Up This Town
Ummagma – Lama (Mal Holmes’ OMD Remix
STRFKR – In the End
Akiva – Chemical Eyes
Horse Thief – Another Youth
Shugo Tokumaru – Gronlandic Edit
The Sweetest Condition – Depths of Hell
Bad Pony – Bottles
Lover – White Bears (Ironic Process Theory)
Anchor&Bell – Miss You
The Smiths – Shoplifters Of The World Unite

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