The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 96

Written by on 04/11/2023

Wednesdays 8pm EST

The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 96

This week, we start off by celebrating the birthdays of Carl Perkins and The Stroke’s Albert Hammond Jr. on Sunday, while on Monday Kate Bush receives a honour and students are warned about the evils of corduroy. On Tuesday, Bob Dylan makes his New York City debut in 1961 while Joss Stone celebrates a birthday. On Wednesday, Bill Haley makes history in 1954 and on the same day, we celebrate the birth of The Tragically Hip’s Rob Baker. Thursday The Way-Back Music Machine says ‘Happy Birthday” to The Reverend Al Green and find out how Windsor is responsible for a huge hit single by Elton John. On Friday The Illinois Crime Commission get it wrong with their list of ‘drug songs’ and Fanny member June Millington has a chance to blow out candles on her cake. Finally Saturday we go all the way back to 1894 to welcome Bessie Smith into the world and Billy Joel causes a stir at a hospital. On the 8th day, we revisit a time in Beatle History that is a sad on but a big story. It is April 10, 1970, and McCartney makes an announcement. All that, plus music, great chat and some great information. This week on Episode 96 of The Way-Back Music Machine.

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