The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 93

Written by on 03/22/2023

Wednesdays 8pm EST

The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 93

It seems hard to believe but The Way-Back Music Machine is heading out on its 93rd journey. And yet, Tony Stuart and Aaron Badgley still have so much to talk about. For example, this week we look Shakira and the first telephone streaming single. And that is just Sunday And we celebrate Carl Palmer’s birthday on Monday and have an odd story about Asylum records, home of The Eagles, Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne (to name three). Tuesday, Rodger Hodgson celebrates a birthday while David Bowie and Iggy Pop land themselves in hot water with the police. On Wednesday, Tears For Fears announce they are splitting. Thankfully that is not a permanent split. Susanne Sulley of The Human League celebrates a birthday. On to Thursday, Billy Joel gets married and on Friday, the saga of Milli Vanilli continues in court and Nick Lowe adds another year to his life. On Saturday we revisit John Lennon’s Amsterdam bed-in. But in The Way-Back Music Machine’s universe, there is an eighth day, and for that day we look at some chart accomplishments by Elvis and The Beatles. All that and more, on Episode 93 of The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour. 

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