The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 84

Written by on 01/18/2023

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The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 84

Here we are, on trip number 84, and we, at The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour, are looking at the week of January 15. This week, we look at an epic song, a long classic, “American Pie”, and that would be Sunday. For Monday, we look at an odd story about Jimmy Buffett and his friend, Bono. And we celebrate the birthday of Helen Folosade Adu. You know her better under stage name. Tuesday, we visit Virginia to celebrate the birthday of a Country artist and writer, Steve Earle. We also go to London to find out about an article that influenced John Lennon. Wednesday we visit a school made famous by Pink Floyd and Thursday we celebrate the birthday of Janis Joplin and return to London to celebrate The Pretender’s first number one single. On Friday, we visit our old friend Ozzy for THE classic rock and roll story and end our week paying tribute to a performed who got started as a writer with a very famous client who recorded his songs. Our eighth day is spent in Liverpool for the opening of The Cavern. And that will be the week that was. All that, plus charts and conversation 

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