The British are Coming #650

Written by on 02/05/2024

The British are Coming

Tuesdays 10:00pm -11:30 pm EST

Repeats Wednesdays 8:00am – 10:00am EST Matt plays 20 of the best up-and-coming indie, alternative, and rock artists in the UK, some of which you know, but many more that will be new music discoveries. Matt’s deep knowledge of UK music scene and his ear for a banger make The British are Coming a must-listen on Bombshell Radio. #TheBritishAreComing, #Alternative, #Indie, #Rock, #NewMusic, #BombshellRadio

Matt Dalzell @britdjmatt

The Cheap Thrills – Last Orders

Siights – Words

Nothing Rhymes With Orange – Friday Is Over

Thom Southern – Hey What’s Happenin?

Another Sky – The Pain

Good Cop Bad Cop – Running Away With The Circus

Wynona Bleach – Swim In The Bay

Healer – Wake Me Up

Maya Lane – Bump Into Me

Overpass – Stay Up

Dog Race – It’s The Squeeze

Lozenge – Interloper

Man of Moon – You and I

Little Strange – Alright Now

Holy Esque – Ask Me Twice

No Windows – Song 01

Pencil – The Window

Austel – Company

Aaronson – Shipwrecks (Radio Edit)

Rojor – When (Chill Mix)

Nick Hudson – For My Silence





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