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Tuesdays 2pm – 5pm  EST Rules Free Radio With Steve  Caplan

On the next session of Rules Free Radio with Steve Caplan, we’ll start with a revisit to some 80s New Wave era classics by The English Beat, The Vapors, B52s, and The Police mixed in with some new music. We’ll hear several artists and songs that have come out recently and earlier this year including new music by The Lunar Laugh, The Armoires, The Clientele, Rodney Crowell, The Chemical Brothers, 100 Flowers, Van Morrison, Ruen Brothers, Rose City Band, the new album featuring music by 12th-century composer, Hildegard Von Bingen by Kevin Keller, plus others. Cream, Pentangle, Paul Horn, Marvin Gaye, The Last Poets, The Beastie Boys, Steady Holiday, Sun City Girls, Dave Alvin, The Grateful Dead, an early rare Beatles track, Tom Waits, Donovan, a couple of Bossa Novas including one by Charlie Byrd, and a lot more music. So, another pretty diverse episode of Rules Free Radio!

100 Flowers – Fascist Groove Thang

Snapped Ankles – The Fish Needs A Bike

B-52’s – Private Idaho

The English Beat – Rotating Head

The Police – Demolition Man

Zaenal Combo – Tandung Tjina

The Vapors – Turning Japanese

The Barracudas – I Can’t Pretend

Japanther – Her Neighborhood

Steady Holiday – People Take Pictures Of Each Other

The Lunar Laugh – Stranger Than Oz

The Armoires – Music & Animals

The Clientele – Fables of the Silverlink

Rodney Crowell w/ Jeff Tweedy – Everything At Once

Ruen Brothers – Long Road

The Chemical Brothers – The Weight

The Beastie Boys – Sure Shot

Paul Horn – Freedom Jazz Dance

The Free Music, Najib Alhoush –  Ana Qalbi Ehtar

Sun City Girls – The Vinegar Stroke

Cream – As You Said

Pentangle – Lyke-Wake Dirge

Rose City Band – Porch Boogie

The Grateful Dead – Cold Rain and Snow

Great Peacock – Dissatisfaction

Dave Alvin – (Variations on Earl Hooker’s) Guitar Rumba

Van Morrison – Bye Bye Johnny

The Doughboys – My Reservations’s Been Confirmed

The Beatles – One After 909 (take 2)

Tom Waits – Romeo is Bleeding

Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man

The Last Poets – Jazzoetry

Gil Scott-Heron – Is That Jazz

Eva Cassidy – Fine And Mellow

Fabiano do Nascimento – Tempo

Rosinha de Valença – Atirei O Pau No Gato

Charlie Byrd – Meditation (Meditacao)

The American Analog Set – Know By Heart

Gustavo Santaolalla – Leyendo En El Hospital

Donovan – Three King Fishers

Jon Hassell, Ry Cooder, Ronu Majumdar – Krishna Kantha Kandam

Kevin Keller – Evensong 3 (feat. Katherine Wessinger)

Kevin Keller – Evensong 4 (feat. Danya Katok)

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