Poptastic Sounds! Feb 13 2023

Written by on 02/12/2024

Tuesdays 11am EST bombshellradio.com

Featuring new music from Reno Bo, Colored Lights, The Suncharms, The Yellow Melodies, The Veras, The Neuras, Les Maharajas, The Incurables and The Fallen Leaves.  Plus vintage tracks by One Found Day, Brian Copsey and The Commotions, Chad and Jeremy, Philamore Lincoln, The 23rd Turnoff, Raw Herbs, Horse Latitudes, The Bad Roads, The Roughnecks, The Dantes, The Deepest Blue, The Dirty Shames, Strangeways, The Stukas, Autographs, The Corsairs and The Bresslaws.

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