Ola’s Kool Kitchen #496

Written by on 02/28/2024

Ola’s Kool Kitchen 

Wednesdays 9pm BST

Show 497

  1. Nouvelle Vague/Melaine Pain-Only You-Should I Stay or Should I Go-PIAS
  2. Real Estate-Water Underground-Daniel-Domino
  3. Hot Pink Sauce-Feel-single-self release
  4. Los MUTAGéNICOS-Ciertament- El Cuarto-Dirty Water Records
  5. Charlesstoner-Murky Dreams-Distrokid
  6. Dream Wife-Leech-Social Lubrication-Lucky Number
  7. Parsnip-The Light-Behold- Upset The Rhythm
  8. The Toads-Nationalsville-In the Wilderness-Upset the Rhythm
  9. Molly Nilsson-Earth Girls–Extreme-Night School
  10. CHARLOTTE ADIGERY & BOLIS PUPUL-Blenda-TOPICAL DANCER-deewee / because music
  11. The Monkees-Love is Only Sleeping- Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.-RCA
  12. Dusty Springfield – Little By Little-single-Philips
  13. Rita Chao – Hanky Panky- Rita Chao With The Quests-Columbia
  14. Mathew Squires- Poor Men Southeast of Portland-single- self release
  15. Joanna Sternberg-People are Toys to You- I’ve Got Me-Fat Possum

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