Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More #277

Written by on 01/14/2019

*Special Two Hour Show 10am-12pm EST



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1) That Driving Beat – A Little Togetherness (Single) 
2) St Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club – I Still Get The Calls (Single) 
3) The Genuine Fakes – Even With You (Issues LP) 
4) In Deed – Don’t Need, Don’t Care (Everest LP) Uppsala 
5) Dee Rangers – I’m Your Fool (All You Need Tonight LP) Stockholm 
6) The Most – It’s Alright (Beat Beat Boom LP) UmeĆ„ 
7) The Hombres – Go Girl, Go (Record Robot LP) 
8) Badass Mother Fuzzers – Gonna Get You (Single)e Me A Letter (Single) 
9) Super 8 – Good Times (Hi Lo LP) 
10) The Greyhound Factory – The Genie And The Gun (Single) UK 
11) The Gunboat Diplomats – IF Summer Could Stay (Single) 
12) Bryan Estepa – No Ordinary (Single) 
13) Stephen’s Ruin – Ophelia Winter (Never Too Late LP) 
14) Thrift Store Halo – Every Time With You (Single) 
15) Tommy Sistak – You Can’t Change Me (Ready Set A Go Go LP) 
16) Lannie Flowers – Don’t Make Me Wait (Single) 
17) Faux Co – Prozac Spaceman (Single) 
18) Gleeson – Holding On (The Years Have It LP) 
19) Gretchens Wheel – Untethered (Black Box Theory LP) 
20) Tomas Nilson – I’m Too Tired To Sleep (Split Single With Roger Arvidson) 
21) Chromosomes – Goalkeeper (Single) 
22) Pablo Matisse – Wasting Light (Single) 
23)The Duke Of Surl – Out Of It (Out Of It LP) 
24) Vista Blue – 1621 (Single) 
25) Extra Arms – Headacher (Headacher LP) 
26) The Papashangos – The Poncho Song (Single) 
27) The Bookends – Laugh Or Cry (Far Away But Around LP) 
28) RAF – Get What You Get (Single) 
29) Emperor Penguin – Halfway to Havana (Rum Pop Engineer LP) 
30) GospelBeach- Strange Days (Another Summer Of Love LP) 
31) 65MPH – Soaring (Single) 
32) Carbon Poppies – Rain On My Face (Single) 
33) Psychotic Youth – You (21 LP) Acoustic set for ICM 
34) Psychotic Youth – You (21 LP) LP Version 
35) Ken Sharp – Lemons To Lemonade (Beauty In The Back seat LP) 
36) The Geezers – Daymaker (Shine On LP) 
37) Three Hour Tour – Pascal The Hypnotist (You Never Know LP) 
38) The Newds – Through The Dark (Single)

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