For The Record Dec 26/2018

Written by on 12/26/2018

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9:03:30 Signals,Holygram

9:08:40 “Only Shallow”,”My Bloody Valentine”

9:12:50 “When You Sleep”,”My Bloody Valentine”

9:17:00 Blood,”Clipd Beaks”

9:21:00 “Cut Dead”,”The Jesus and Mary Chain”

9:23:50 “In A Hole”,”The Jesus and Mary Chain”

9:27:01 “Signal To Noise”,”Peter Gabriel”

9:35:21 Ladies,”Ortense Blue”

9:37:51 “Hammer and Chisel”,”Ortense Blue”

9:40:00 Astra,”Foreign Technology”

9:43:00 “Day By Day”,”Foreign Technology”

9:51:09 “No Coincidence”,”C Reider”

9:53:05 “Tensional Blinking”,”C Reider”

9:56:15 “…tellimg you its going to be a butterfly”,”C Reider”

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