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Written by on 06/05/2024

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“Planet Girls”

Formed out of the ashes of the Detroit hard rock outfit Lifehouse, who were signed to Virgin,
Sponge got their start in 1992, releasing a string ofalbums like ’90s classics Rotting Pinata and Wax Ecstatic. The band had modern rock radio hits with
Molly and Plowed, they appeared on Letterman and Conan, they toured the world, played with Alice
in Chains, Soul Asylum and Love Spit Love, opened for Kiss at Tiger Stadium and played every festival
you can think of, from Lollapallooza to Sunstroke in Ireland. Singer Vin Dombroski is a commanding
frontman, who comes across like a hybrid of Scott Weiland and Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs and
his onstage charisma makes him one of those frontmen you can’t take your eyes off of. The dude is dynamic.
Speaking of dynamic, their new album Planet Girls is a thrilling listen, but it’s not new. It was set to come out
in 1999 but the record company had a listen and didn’t hear anything they thought would connect with the
current cultural climate, so they shelved it. Big mistake. When I hear Planet Girls I hear a band brimming
with confidence and muscle–the songs on this album have fire, swagger and swerve. To me it sounds like
a mix of Cheap Trick and Stone Temple Pilots–it’s big, it’s ferocious and it’s unforgettable. They scrapped
it, re-recorded it and put it out as New Pop Sunday, which is awesome, but Planet Girls exists in its own
fevered universe and you get to hear it now thanks to Dombroski releasing it from the vaults both digitally
and on a handsome slab of vinyl. ( ( (

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