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Martha and the Muffins is a Canadian new wave band formed in 1977 by Martha Johnson and Mark Gane at the Ontario College of Art.
Known for their eclectic sound blending post-punk, art rock, and new wave influences, the band achieved international fame with their 1980 hit single “Echo Beach.”
Their debut album, “Metro Music,” propelled them into the spotlight, followed by several other critically acclaimed albums, including “This is the Ice Age” and “Danseparc,” produced by Daniel Lanois.
Despite numerous lineup changes, the core duo of Johnson and Gane remained dedicated to their innovative musical vision.
In 2001, Martha Johnson was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but her resilience and continued advocacy for awareness have inspired many.
The band re-emerged in 2010 with the album “Delicate,” showcasing their enduring creativity.
Martha and the Muffins remain influential figures in the music industry, celebrated for their artistic integrity and pioneering contributions to the new wave genre.
Martha and Mark join me this week to discuss music, matrimony and Parkinson’s Disease – as well as a new single Martha has just released to enhance awareness about the crippling disease.

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