8 Days This Week Episode 9

Written by on 06/19/2024

8 Days This Week

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8 Days This Week Ep. 9

This week, Tony Stuart and Aaron Badgley explore the week of June 17 to the 23rd. They

include stories about Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, Joni MItchell, Paul McCartney, the history of the

LP, The Spice Girls, Duffy, and Carole King.

They connect the dots between the artists and even have some news of what is going on today

in the world of music.

All that and more on Episode 9 of 8 Days This Week.

The Beatles Eight Days A Week

Kate Busg Running Up That Hill (Deal With God)

Bob Dylan I Contain Multitudes

Paul McCartney Only Mama Knows

Jone Mitchell A Case of You

Michael Jackson Beat It

The Spice Girls Stop!

Duffy Live And Let Die

Carole King Smackwater Jack

Bob Dylan Big Yellow Taxi

Joni Mitchell (It’s All Over Now) Baby Blue

Cyndi Lauper At Last




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