Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #552

Written by on 05/12/2024

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King Khan and The Shrines – Luckiest Man (Idle No More LP)

The Gypsy Moths – The Further Adventures Of Paul Villiard (Sounds On LP)

Brent Seavers – The Universe And I (Exhibit B LP)

The Prisoners – Revenge Of The Cybermen (Single)

The Wynotts – Hey, Sharon (Way Back Now LP)

The Ruby Tears – Motor Mouth (Single)

Pauls – Trash In My Head (Single)

David Woodard – Grace Under Pressure ((Get It Good LP)

Mansfield – Let’s Stop Pretending (For All The Right Reasons LP)

The Real People – I Don’t Mind (What’s On The B-Side LP)

The Cornfed Project – Long Time Ago (Single)

Badfinger – Just A Chance (Wish You Were Here LP)

Atomic – Hey Now Right Now (If This Wall Could Sing LP)

Sam Page – So So Cynical (Single)

Camens – Sleep Patterns Repeating (Single)

Answering Machine – Bubblegum (Bad Luck LP)

Ward White – Continuity (Here Come The Dowsers LP)

Bruce Moody – Creepy People (Popcycle LP)

Little Roger – Does Susie Like Boys (Single)

The Patriots – She Loves You Too (Hey Don’t You Know LP)

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