Wassup Rocker Radio #214

Written by on 11/27/2021

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1 Germany 2:39 8-Pack (Finland) Motorboat

2 Plymouth Rock 3:09 Single (Rum Bar Records) The Shang Hi Los

3 Gasoline Ice Cream 2:37 Fuckkkcops EP (Kansas) Mr and the Mrs

4 Don’t Forget To Write 3:23 Quadruple Bypass EP (Virginia) J. Flax and the Heart Attacks

5 Escape To Planet X 2:18 Escape To Planet X (Mississippi) Stellatone

6 Kill Me 2:43 Mexico Fili

7 Awkward 3:14 Awkward EP (Jackson Michigan) Paper Lanterns

8 Waking Up The Band 2:51 Single (Red On Red Records) Stupidity

9 Talk Too Loud 1:57 Single (Bickerton Records) The Kryng

10 Glow In The Dark 3:03 Giants! Bombers! What a Sight! (N… World Series Hangover

11 Good Time 2:48 Get Mad (Spaghettytown Records) Mad Rollers

12 The Bender 3:05 Against Medical Advice (Italy) Carlos Kaiser

13 The Butcher of Burundi 2:29 SINGLE Uncle Toasty

14 Near or Far 2:28 Sunset Motel (Columbus, Ohio) El Camino Acid

15 Pylons 2:15 s/t Flying Alexanders

16 Terminal Velocity 2:30 Terminal Velocity (Detroit/Tetryon T… Werewolf Jones

17 Annoy Me 2:22 Mission Implausable (Indiana) Covert Flops

18 She Ain’t Nothing Like You 3:25 SINGLE (Seattle) The Cheap Cassettes

19 Stuck Inside 2:49 On The Brink (Bloated Kat Records) Mark Murphy And The Meds

20 Fuck You 3:11 Single (Austin Texas) Bottlecap Mountain

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