Wassup Rocker Radio #212

Written by on 11/13/2021

WorldFamous #WRRRocks Sundays at Midnight EST right after my pal Mike Rogers’ Show on https://bombshellradio.com #GarageRock, #Punk,#LoudRockNRoll,#NewMusic,#SickSounds


1 Hope (Descendents Cover) 1:43 I Don’t Wanna Know (Los Angeles) Animals and Children

2 Song in the Key of Emo 2:31 Bad Advice Good People (UK) Clear History

3 Normalize This Very Niche Confes… 2:03 Glasgow Moths (UK) Michael M

4 Swing 4:27 The Happy EP (UK) Droogs

5 Changeling 2:08 Bancroft’s Castle (Massachusetts) The P.A.’s

6 Unforgettable 1:24 More Demos ’21 (Boston) Dirty Babies Club

7 Lo Lo Lonely 3:29 GUV III (Toronto) Young Guv

8 Party Wave 1:41 Party Wave EP (British Columbia) BITTER//WASHED

9 Gave Birth 2 A Freak 1:53 Halloween 21 (Wartmann Inc Reco… Gee Tee Vee

10 Click and Act Now 2:28 Click and Act Now Single Hayley and the Crushers

11 The Laws of Gossip 2:39 Im Sorry Sir That Riffs Been Taken… The Hard-Ons

12 The Sun 2:03 A Album (Perth Australia) Aborted Tortoise

13 Much More 2:49 The King Is Dead (Italy) MATT CIGARETTE

14 Two Voices 3:28 Divisions (Pennsylvania) Mid Rats

15 Gentlemanly Mutilation 2:15 Falsely Accused (Portland) Local Teen

16 Jasmine and Flowers 2:41 SINGLE (Canada) North Lakes

17 Speed It Up 1:28 Down the Shore (Reissue 1981 Ho… Adam Roth and His Band of Men

18 Better Than Me 2:21 Better Than Me EP (Gainesville Fl… Articles

19 (She Sings Like) Joey Ramone 2:56 Lookin Out (Rumbar Records) The Pulsebeats

20 Soul Sucker 2:16 Movie Mary (New York) Scream Idol

21 Nausea 3:51 Self Ritual Torture (Portland) Temple

22 Head Trauma 1:37 Is This a Little Too Much (Seattle) Mangy

23 Die 2:50 S/T (Seattle) Trash Fire

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