Wassup Rocker Radio #209

Written by on 10/23/2021

WorldFamous #WRRRocks Sundays at Midnight EST right after my pal Mike Rogers’ Show on https://bombshellradio.com #GarageRock, #Punk,#LoudRockNRoll,#NewMusic,#SickSounds

1 Fear 1:58 Fear Move EP (Melbourne Australia) Jackson Reid Briggs and the Heaters

2 Only Dance With Death 2:58 Stories From The Grave (NYC) The Ice Cold Killers

3 Smash You Up 2:01 One Nation Under Rod (Spokane… The Dilrods

4 Counting Drinks 2:57 The Push (Australia) The Push

5 Billy Neon 2:02 s/t (South Carolina) Jim and the Limbs

6 FML 2:50 FML Surfbort

7 Colt 44 2:58 Colt 44 (Wild Honey Records) Black Lips

8 Dangerous Territory 2:23 S/T (Ohio) Tetnis

9 Cookin 5:05 Cookin EP (Los Angeles) Frankie and the Witch Fingers

10 Gloria’s Dream 2:17 Belfast Gypsies (1966) Them

11 Beyond The Ruins 4:03 S/T (Spain) Maragda

12 Good Times and Bad Times in Pis… 2:36 S/T (Vancouver) Dennis Wilson Surf Team

13 Way Out 2:55 how It Was (New York) The Rizzos

14 Fibre To The Brain 4:28 Fibre To The Brain (Australia) Snake Valley

15 End of the Beginning 3:07 You Were Never Here (Missouri) Grave Neighbors

16 The Sword 2:56 S/T (Kentucky) Bronzfonz

17 Nena 4:06 Single (Family Spree Records) Perrito Caliente

18 Agent Orange 4:32 Blood and Thunder (UK) The Samples

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